Who I am

Cancer is a word that we are all acquainted with by association of self, family or friend. It has destroyed so many families leaving them afraid to dream of a better life because of the odds stacked against the word, CANCER!

Who I am?

I remember going to Moffitt Cancer center on and off for two years, caring a one year daughter  and having  a seven  year old son and a nine year old daughter struggling to keep up with my brisk strides in the hallways of the hospital in my attempt to support their father through all his doctors visits, while working two jobs to meet the bills.

This unfortunately is probably not a uncommon sight. I did it for almost two years, whenever he was hospitalized. I was new to Tampa Bay, had no family that was inclined to help and I was young  and determined to be Ruth! So my children missed out on the carefree life of being a child, a guilt I diid not earn, but I carried everyday.  We were struggling and at times when my water was shut off or my septic tank needed to be pumped we would take quick showers in their fathers hospital room. Or when at home, go to McDonad’s to use their bathroom. Can you imagine using their bathroom and seeing your child in need of a 33 cent hamburger (which was the cost at that time) and not be able to offord it? I felt so lost and alone, not knowing what to do and had no one to turn to.

This ministry was birthed in me, not by accident but by faith and revelation of the Lord. I was a widow at the age of twenty nine because of cancer and it left my three young children fatherless. When Cancer visited my family again the week after burying my husband; this time it was through my father and years later, with my beloved sister. I should have gotten my mission straight the first time. I had a calling but at that time I was not spiritually mature enough to connect the dots.

Twenty five years later I remarried a remarkable man, a Deacon who peeled away the layers of hurt and distrust and renewed in me a new spirit. I returned to my life as a child of God as I embraced the joys of marriage and having a man of God by my side, but after a blissful year of marriage we later, found out that he had stage 4 esophageal Cancer. 

I walked the cancer walk, for over a year with my husband. Attending every appointment, supporting and loving him through the entire process, he did not have Chemo or radiation appointments, we held hands through it!

Through the pain we never gave up seeking a bigger reason for God’s plan, a cure and any alternative medication that we could. Yes we hurt, we cried at times but ultimately through the pain we learned from it.  We watched and began to see the patients who had no one, so afraid with no one to offer guidance, other than the busy nurses, who try their best to share themselves evenly.

Courage through Cancer

Courage through Cancer is here to keep dreams alive. We want to keep HOPE and remove the negativity that keeps families separated through this struggle. Courage through Cancer  is to STOP that from happening to another  parent, caregiver or friend who is supportive of a Cancer patient. We want to offer guidance with a team of trained individuals who range from hand holders, certified counselors, volunteers who will drive people to appointments or just having caring volunteers for people who just need someone to be there. We would like to offer a childcare preschool  with a dream team  of caring teachers trained  to offer  support to our troubled children. Children who become lost in the day to day shuffle of illness, bills and responsibilities. This can be a safe place for families from out of town and a refuge for families who need to have an uninterrupted appointment, exam or respite to take just a moment to think.

The “Darryl Anthony House

We are half way there if you can imagine an environment set a side for our families who hurt the most.  The “Darryl Anthony House”  represents a man who learned about God’s grace from his late God parents who adopted and taught him to become a man of God. It also represents how God used a man to courageously trust and lean on him through it all, always having a prayer for the lost or weary at heart, A man who often times through Cancer, radiation and chemotherapy whould be humbled and happy to take  the pain of my spained ankle, or any other pain and add it to his own. He poured himself into so manythrough prayer. Leading many to Jesus with the sinners prayer.

The Darryl Anthony House is one of our main objectives.  A place for the Weak and  Weary. Often times throughout our trial, I often just needed a safe place to cry or a shoulder that I could lean on and there was none. You can’t turn it over to your children, you are supposed to be strong and you most certainly don’t break down on the person you love who is fighting for their life! So as a caregiver, you can bring your burdens to the Darryl Anthony House. A home named after a man who prayed without ceasing throughout the Battle which is always the Lords’. One of the Bravest and most caring man I have ever had the privilege of meeting.  The best part about visiting the Darryl Anthony House is that you bring your anxieties, your worries and your fears  and you get to  leave them there and leave with a renewed spirit. It’s the key to the house that can unlock all your fears and help you keep your dream alive. At the Darryl Anthony House we will never give up on you. It will be filled with God’s love, joy and peace. A shelter in the times of storms, where you will be fed spiritually, emotionally and physically as much as our Lord allows us to do his will!

With God, nothing is ever wasted. He’ll never waste an experience; He’ll never waste a hurt; He’ll never waste a dream; He’ll never waste even a single piece of bread. God is still in the miracle-working business. He is still our Creator, and He is a Restorer.

Everyone needs someone, so any donation that you can offer to our 501c nonprofit organization will be greatly appreciated, and greatly used.


Ruth Walker

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